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New station included how to quickly included?

1、Automatic second collection of all content is automatically captured according to the source of netizens' access. It does not mean that this site agrees with the content or position of the captured page.

2、Suppose you visit this site from the search engine Baidu, this site can automatically capture Baidu related information and display it in the first place, and automatically review and publish it.

Join this site for free link method steps:

The first type: automatically join by clicking the source

1:Join: add a link to this site on your home page:

<a href="" target="_blank">Site directory</a>
Note: you can modify the words "Site directory"to other words

2:Then you open your web site with a browser and click the connection to this site. This site will automatically extract your web address and page title, store them in the database, and display them on this site!

Second: manual submission by user-defined classification

Select site category:

Enter URL domain name:

1、Please make a friendly link to the home page of this site;
2、Only the first page of the included website can be submitted here;
3、Collect the inner pages and contact the customer service personnel for quick review;
4、Reject porn, gambling, and all other frictions;
5、Quick payment and quick review contact QQ MAIL

·Connection: the link to your site displayed on the home page of this site is a hard link, that is, a direct link. Such a connection is effective for search engines.
·Code: you can add the link code to this site in any of your non query pages (i.e. there is no sign in the URL) (the link added in the JS file or the drop-down menu is invalid), but this site only extracts and links your home page URL.
·Prohibition: pornographic websites, hanging horses, false content, websites with too many advertisements and false clicks are not allowed to join, and shall be blocked immediately after discovery. If you need to unseal, please contact the station master after correction.
·Principle: by reading http_ The referer variable obtains your web address, and then reads your web page title to achieve the effect of friendly connection exchange. The search engine will speed up the collection or update your website according to the links on this site.
·Display: the display order of all web sites on this site is dynamic. On the home page, the newly clicked web sites will be at the top; The more chance you get to be clicked. Note that successive clicks from the same IP are invalid.
·Update: the current system settings automatically update the title and keywords of your website every seven days. If you need to update in advance, please contact the site administrator.

Why is my connection Title garbled?
Reason: it may be that your web page file is encoded in UTF-8, and the correct encoding description code is not added to the file.
Solution: add the following code to the page:<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

Why does the title only show the URL?
Reason: your website does not have a default home page, or your home page is a jump address, not a domain name address as the default home page, so the title text cannot be extracted< Br> solution: put your website under the default root directory of the domain name, and set the file name on the home page to the default file name. In other words, you can access it by entering the domain name directly, rather than by jumping.

Why doesn't my site display keywords and page descriptions?
Reason: there are no keywords and description tags in your web page.
Solution: in your web page <head></head>Add the Keywords tag and the description tag between the tags.
Keyword tag code:<meta name="Keywords" content="Keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, keyword 4, keyword 5, keyword 6" />
Page description tag code:<meta name="description" content="Here is the web page description information, which can be an article summary or a manually added description information, generally between 100 and 300 characters, to tell the search engine what your web page content is." />

Why is the website blocked?
Your web address will be blocked in the following cases:
1. There are pornographic adult and political expressions in the content of the website. (hitting the edge ball is also included)
2. There are a lot of advertisements, there are pop-up windows, and there is no substantive content.
3. There are malicious codes, viruses and Trojans.
4. False web address: no content, page Jump.
terms of settlement:
Do a good job in the website, enrich the website content, and give users a good browsing experience. After the above existing content is modified, we will manually review it and re include your website
it is everyone's responsibility to maintain a good Internet atmosphere.

Baidu's suggestions for webmaster

  • 1. Add an appropriate title to each page. If it is the home page of the website, it is recommended to use the name of the site or the name of the company or institution represented by the site; For the rest of the content pages, the title suggestions are made to refine and summarize the body content, which can enable your potential users to quickly access your page through the title in the search engine results.
  • 2. Make full use of the description tag on the website home page or channel home page to provide a general description of the content of this page in the form of ,This will help users and search engines enhance their understanding of your site and pages.
  • 3、The website should have clear navigation and hierarchical structure. Important pages on the website should be found from the shallow position of the website to ensure that each page can be reached through at least one text link.
  • 4、Try to use text instead of flash, JavaScript, etc. to display important content or links. Baidu can't recognize the content in flash and JavaScript for the time being, and this part of the content may not be available in Baidu search; Only flash and JavaScript contain web pages pointed to by links, which Baidu may not be able to include.
  • 5、Try not to use frame and iframe framework structure. The content displayed through iframe may be discarded by Baidu.
  • 6、If the website adopts dynamic web pages, reducing the number of parameters and controlling the length of parameters will be conducive to collection.
  • 7、When the website is revised or the links of important pages in the website are changed, the page 301 before the revision should be permanently redirected to the page after the revision.
  • 8、When the website changes the domain name, all pages 301 of the old domain name should be permanently redirected to the corresponding page on the new domain name.


Make a friendship link on this site, click once on your site, and you will be automatically included and ranked first on this site!
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